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Operation Teams Gain Efficiency with 10-Minute Reduction per Case


50% increase in efficiency

Reduced 10 minutes of unnecessary work on each case, increasing the operation team’s efficiency

Product manager
2 Software Engineer
UX / UI Designer
4 weeks
My Role
User Research
UX / UI Design
Usability testing
Since we are able to reach the operation team personally, we conducted contextual interviews to gather insights and eliminate redundant tasks by observation. This allowed us to understand the team's workflow and identify areas where we could reduce unnecessary work and increase efficiency.
Contextual interview
60 mins
Operation team member x2
  • 2 mins
    is wasted to call the user for rejection
  • 2 mins
    is wasted for mannual calculation in excel
  • 5-7 mins
    is wasted for returning applications
Solution I
We found that users would feel more comfortable being informed of their rejection within the app, rather than receiving a call from our team. By implementing this feature, we were able to reduce the time our admin staff spent making rejection calls by 2 minutes per case.
Solution II
The admin team has specific standards for approving or rejecting loan applications. However, it can be challenging for them to remember all the criteria and make a final decision, leading to errors and inefficiencies. To address this, we created an indicator that guides the team through the criteria and simplifies the decision-making process. This reduces the time and effort required for new staff to learn the standards and minimizes the risk of mistakes.
Solution II - Usability Test
Variation D is better than Variation C in terms of response time in giving approval. And Variation B is not informative enough for admin to reject the case given the request should be approved based on their current practise We can either provide extra informations to explain the high risk or, be more practical, give a proper guidance in-person
Solution III
Copying the user's loan record from the previous application can be a time-consuming task for our operation admins, especially when the user applies for a second time. To streamline this process, we designed a one-click copy feature that allows the admin team to easily transfer the loan record from the previous application, saving them up to 5 minutes per case.